Raja Campaign Picks Up Momentum on Mustio’s Negative and Misleading Campaign Ads

April 19, 2012

PITTSBURGH, PA — With under a week to go, the Mustio campaign has slipped to new lows, but the voters of the 37th district are responding by rallying to Raja’s campaign. Today, the Raja campaign released statements from Republicans across the district outraged by Rep. Mustio’s campaign ads that even the Post-Gazette called “racially tinged.”

“I am honored to have the support of so many individuals who know we deserve better in Harrisburg. I am going to go there to fight for all the people of the 37th district so we can get our economy moving again,” said conservative businessman D. Raja.

Sallie Duhon, State Committeewoman: “It’s disappointing that Mark Mustio is running such a negative dishonest campaign. I am supporting Raja because I know he will fight for tax payers in Harrisburg to get our economy moving.”

Heather Heidelbaugh, Allegheny County Councilwoman:  “Raja brings the type of conservative leadership to Harrisburg that we need. I know that Raja will work hard for the people of the 37th district and support efforts to reign in the size and scope of government and get our economy moving again. I also have been disappointed by the campaign run by his opponent. The attacks have crossed the line. To viciously attack someone’s company that has created jobs right here by casting the worst type of stereotypes is not what the Republican Party is about. I intended to stay neutral but these attacks require our party to stand up and say enough is enough. I know we can do better and that is why I enthusiastically support Raja for State Senate.”

Steve Lynch, Upper St. Clair Republican Committee:  “I can understand an early endorsement for a friend and colleague in the Legislature, but when that candidate’s campaign rhetoric sinks into blatant character assassination and slime, it reflects in kind on the endorser. I call on John Maher and John Pippy to IMMEDIATELY withdraw their endorsement of Mark Mustio and return to neutrality in the race for Senator from the PA 37th District.“

Peter Glasser, Former Peters Township Councilman: “I was planning to stay neutral in this race, but after seeing the ads by Rep. Mustio, I decided to support Raja. Raja’s company has created jobs right here and its wrong for Rep. Mustio to mislead people about the facts. I know Raja will fight for us in Harrisburg.”

Terry Barker, Letter to the Editor: “Mr. Raja’s main competitor, Mark Mustio, has been a state representative for the last nine years, voted for the pay raise and is running concurrently for the Senate seat and his House seat. The Post-Gazette has discounted Mr. Mustio’s inaccurate, hateful mailings when it could have condemned them. Since then it has only gotten worse. Another Mustio mailing this week was very misleading: It referred to a YouTube web link that cannot even be opened and had a 7-year-old newspaper reference that has nothing to do with an inaccurate claim Mr. Mustio makes against Mr. Raja.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/19/11)

John Oliver, Mayor of Sewickley Heights, Letter to the Editor: “Mark Mustio and his campaign have sunk to a new low playing to the worst instincts of the electorate. They have been slandering Mr. Raja’s company and his hard-working employees. Mr. Mustio has been in Harrisburg for nine years. He voted for the infamous midnight pay raise and has consistently taken weak positions on significant statewide issues, such as his recent vote to water down legislation to privatize the state liquor stores. I thought that alone would have appalled you, given your strong and correct stand on this issue. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/19/11)

Randall Taylor, Letter to the Editor: “I am writing to express my indignation at the obvious race-baiting being conducted by state Rep. Mark Mustio in the race for the Republican nomination for state Senate in District 37 against an opponent of Indian descent, D. Raja. Rep. Mustio’s conduct is reprehensible, yet I am more disappointed that there has been no public repudiation of his activities by any media outlets, organizations or other elected officials.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/17/11)


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