Raja Announces New Endorsements

April 16, 2012

Misleading and disappointing negative campaign of Mark Mustio drives further support for Raja

Pittsburgh, PA – The Raja campaign today announced the endorsement of new community leaders from across the district including elected officials in Ben Avon, Upper St. Clair, and Mt. Lebanon.

New Endorsements
-Jim Bolas, Chair of the Upper St. Clair Republican Committee
-Jerry Fulmer, Former Chair of Upper St. Clair Republican Committee
-Joshua M. Habursky, President of Washington & Jefferson College Republicans
-Stephen Lynch, Director of Communications of Upper St. Clair Republican Committee
-Robert Jones, Mayor of Ben Avon
-Glen Meakem, Entrepreneur & Radio Show Host
-Dale Ostergaard, Mt. Lebanon School Board

Jim Bolas, Chairman of the Upper St. Clair Republican Committee: “I personally endorse Raja’s candidacy for State Senate in the 37th District because a large majority of Upper St. Clair voters supported him in the recent Allegheny County Executive race, recognizing his integrity, entrepreneurial talents, and leadership skills.  I believe Raja will bring the same attributes to the Pennsylvania Senate.”

Jerry Fulmer, Former Chair of the Upper St. Clair Republican Committee: “Raja is able, clear-sighted, and not tied to the political compromises that keep us from moving forward.”

Stephen Lynch, Director of Communications for Upper St. Clair Committee: “Actually, I believe Raja can contribute more to the citizens of the Commonwealth as Senator from the 37th District than he would have as Allegheny County Executive.”

Robert B. Jones, Mayor of Ben Avon: “I believe that Raja is exactly the type of politician we need throughout our entire governmental system. New life; someone who does not need the job, the money, or the power. Just a true “American” who sees his country in trouble and wants to help, not some cookie cutter politician who is “making money” off the “system” and has no reason or intention of changing it! We need Raja and 546 just like him in our “federal” system! We can start with the state and build from there. So, start with the first “right” step our state has made in a decade, vote for Raja and every single politician you can find like him. Look at the advertisements! If you do not have any political success to show, the only option left is to condemn your opponent! Raja is a true American and he needs our help so he can help us. This is not about the power, position, fame, or the money for this fine example of American success; this is for the sincere desire to give his children and yours a better state to live in. Join me and those like me and “Vote for Raja.”

Glen Meakem, Entreprenuer & Radio Show Host: “I have announced my endorsement of D.Raja for Pennsylvania State Senate seat 37.  Raja is a successful entrepreneur, family man, Conservative Republican, and personal friend of mine.  He is just the kind of leader we need to join other conservatives like Mike Folmer and John Eichelberger in our State Senate in Harrisburg.  Raja is facing hateful, untrue accusations from a career politician, who wants to win the 37th district state senate seat at all cost.  I hope you will join me in standing up to malicious, prejudicial lies.  Let’s stand together and support Raja.  For the truth about Raja, go to www.joinraja.com.  If you live in Pennsylvania’s 37th State Senate District in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, I strongly encourage you, your friends and family members to vote for Raja in the Republican primary on April 24th.”

Joshua M. Habursky President Washington & Jefferson College Republicans : “I support the candidacy of Raja for the 37th Senate District of Pennsylvania because he is the true conservative that brings a practical business approach to conducting all his affairs. I have seen Raja communicate with his future constituents on a daily basis unlike any other candidate I have worked for in the past and without question know that he genuinely wants to help people by representing them in Harrisburg. Raja is goal driven, hardworking, but most of all compassionate and a caring individual that will improve Harrisburg with his friendly demeanor alone.  I am proud to have been part of Raja’s campaign efforts along with my organization and encourage people to vote for the genuine conservative on April 24th.”

Dale Ostergaard, Mt. Lebanon School Board: “Raja has integrity, small-business experience and reform-minded values.”

Raja has previously been endorsed by:
– Republican Committee of Mt. Lebanon
– Republican Committee of South Park
– Jacque Baguet, Chairwoman of the Republican Committee of Mt. Lebanon
– Raymond Book, Whitehall Republican Committee
– Carol Ferguson, Republican Committee of Mt. Lebanon
– John Ferguson, Republican Committee of Mt. Lebanon
– Krista Harris, Republican Committee of Mt. Lebanon
– Susan Hughes, Former Bethel Park Councilwoman
– Steve Lynch, Upper St. Clair Republican Committee
– Stephen McLean,  Mt. Lebanon Resident
– Audrey Menke, Former Mt. Lebanon Committee member
– Diane Morris, Upper St. Clair Republican Committee
– Bill Northrup, 2011 Republican Nominee for Washington County Commissioner
– John Oliver, Mayor of Sewickley Heights and Former DCNR Secretary
– Edward “Buzz” Reich, 1st Vice Chairman of the Peters Township Republican Party
– Joan Sakmar, Whitehall Republican Committee
– Adam Silhol, Attorney & Mt. Lebanon Resident
-Tom Uram, Washington County State Committeeman
– Susanne Wagner, Realtor & Mt. Lebanon Resident

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