Polls Show Raja with Commanding Lead

March 28, 2012

For Immediate Release

Raja for State Senate Campaign Announces Commanding Lead

PITTSBURGH, PA — The results of a recent survey conducted by Basswood Research shows Raja with a commanding lead over opponents Rep. Mark Mustio and Sue Means.

A memo highlighting the results of the survey is below:


To:                   Raja Campaign
From:             Jon Lerner
Date:               March 28, 2012
Re:                   Survey Results



We conducted this survey of likely Republican primary voters in Senate District 37 on Monday, March 26, 2012.  The survey interviewed 300 respondents who passed multiple screens as likely GOP primary voters.  The survey was conducted by telephone with live operators, and the sample reflects the actual distribution of voters throughout the district.  The margin of error in this survey is +/- 5.6% at a 95% confidence level.

Key Findings


Favorable        Unfavorable

Raja                             55%                 12%
Mustio                         28%                   4%
Means                          11%                   3%


Ballot Test

Q:        If the Republican primary election for state senator was held today, and the candidates were Sue Means, Mark Mustio, and Raja, for whom would you vote?

A:   Raja                43%
Mustio            22%
Means             11%
Undecided     24%


Raja is a well known and well liked figure among Allegheny County Republicans.  He has a commanding lead in this race.  Raja’s lead cuts across all segments of the Republican electorate, and among all demographic groupings of age, gender, and education levels.

In the days ahead, the campaign should prepare for attacks from Mark Mustio, whose candidacy is in a weak position.  Those attacks could become very desperate, as Mustio might try to overcome his own liabilities stemming from his votes to raise his own pay, and his embrace of government labor unions.


Contact: Mark Harris
mark @coldspark.com




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