Mustio’s Past Support of Democrats

March 23, 2012

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Jill Smith


Harrisburg Politician Mark Mustio Has History of Supporting Democrats

As reported by the Tribune-Review, November 5th, 2006:

Some local Republicans are privately livid over the recent revelation that GOP state Rep.

Mark Mustio of Moon held a fundraiser in May for Democrat Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato.

This would be the same Onorato whose campaign committee donated $20,000 back in September to the House Democratic Campaign Committee — which, as you might imagine, exists to elect Democrats to the state House.

In other words, Republican Mustio helped raise money for a man actively and generously working for the defeat of GOP House candidates.

Wonder how that makes Republican candidates feel in several closely contested House races — particularly in the 33rd District, where Eileen Watt is running against Democrat incumbent Frank Dermody, and the 42nd District, where Republican Mark Harris faces Democrat Matt Smith.

Perhaps you’ve seen the campaign commercials Onorato has made on behalf of Dermody and Smith? We have.

Suffice to say, Mustio didn’t make himself many friends in the party with the Onorato fundraiser disclosure.

Jill Smith, Campaign Manager for Republican candidate for State Senate D. Raja, responded, “Mark Mustio’s unfortunate past support for Democrats to win political favors is exactly the type of behavior we don’t need in Harrisburg. We need a leader like Raja to stand up for Western Pennsylvania in Harrisburg and get Pennsylvania’s economy moving again.”



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