Desperate Mustio Campaign Hits New Low

March 28, 2012

Liberal Mark Mustio’s Desperate Campaign Hits New Low

Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association PAC Supports Raja on Domestic Jobs

PITTSBURGH, PA — Today, union endorsed liberal Mark Mustio’s campaign has released a misleading and over the top negative ad in the race for the 37th State Senate district. As recently released polling indicates, Raja enjoys a twenty-point lead and a very positive image among Republican voters, the Mustio campaign has to distort the Raja record.

“It’s no surprise Mark Mustio is lying about Raja’s record of creating 300 good paying American jobs. His priority in Harrisburg has been raising his own pay, taking $120,000 in per diems, and carrying water for his union lackeys,” said Jill Smith, Raja campaign manager.

“I lived the American dream, and I am proud of the jobs we’ve created here. My campaign is focused on changing the culture in Harrisburg and voters will have a clear choice between a conservative myself and a pay-raise politician, Mark Mustio,” said Raja.

FACT: During the county executive race, the Tribune Review called the attacks on Raja “patently false” (Tribune-Review, October 28th, 2011)

FACT: Raja’s company employees three hundred people in the United States, and over one hundred in Pennsylvania alone.

FACT: Raja founded the company with two employees in the spare bedroom of his townhome in Scott Township

FACT: Raja’s company, a global company, is still headquartered in Scott Twp and helps American companies grow and expand here.

FACT: Raja’s helped create jobs here in Pennsylvania: “Justin McElhattan, president of the manufacturing company Industrial Scientific, said he used CEI’s India operation to expand the software-based part of his business faster than he could have with domestic programmers. That enabled him to add 40 manufacturing jobs in Pittsburgh last year.” (Tribune-Review, September 5th, 2011)

“PA Manufacturers’ Association PAC supports Raja. As manufacturers, we are working to grow jobs here in Pennsylvania. Raja will be an advocate in Harrisburg for domestic manufacturing.” Dave Taylor PA Manufacturers’ Association PAC.


Contact: Jill Smith


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